Hello and Welcome to John 3:16 !
(Part of what used to be "")

 It is our hope that you find this site inspiring, faith building, funny (at times) and that, ULTIMATELY-it deepens your walk with the Lord !


What is this site about? Why has this site been created?

Here's why . . .This site is a BIG NET. What do we mean by that?

1) This- the owners of this site have figured out that there is a VERY LARGE DEMAND on the internet for the simple phrase "John 3:16". This site is to "pull you in", let you view a few videos, be inspired a bit, etc. BUT, it's ULTIMATE desire is to get you to visit ALL of our available, current ministry material and TO GROW IN THE LORD !! 

2) We used to have a main ministry site titled "". You may have come to this site because the search engines may have sent you here-after typing in "". That's ok. 

That site is no longer in existence and all it's thrust has been or is in the process of being transferred to our newest ministry

You see, active Biblical scholars will tell you that, within the Word of God, there is MILK, BREAD and MEAT levels that people can find within the pages of the Bible.  Also, if you look at the design that the Lord told Noah to build the ark after, the Lord told Noah to build the ark with " . . . lower, second and third stories shalt thou make it" [Genesis 6:16].

While Jesus in the New Testament, put it this way: He said that the 'return' on the preaching of the Word of God can come back in "30, 60 and 100 fold levels" [Matthew 13:23].

The net that you are viewing now is (and is meant to be-at the minimum) a "30 fold net" that attracts ALL kinds of folks, from ALL over the world and helps ALL kinds of folks to simply be inspired, to help them to build their faith. 

Now, if you happen to 'hang around our slippery creek bed' [this website] just long enough  to fall in to one or two of our other ministry outreaches?


We are here to help advance the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by every channel and means available.

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~ Be Inspired~ Let your Faith be Built Up ~ and ~ draw close to the Lord, with us ! ~

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