Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Evolution a Theory-Part Two

First, evolution IS a theory-not a fact. It may have been taught in western schools so much as the “THEORY” of evolution that the word ‘theory’ may have dropped off of many peoples’ vocabulary but it does not negate the fact that it is and always has been nothing more than a THEORY

 Even further to the point at hand is the idea that if life supposedly evolved by (what evolutionists term "Spontaneous Generation" ) the basic premise of this “spontaneous generation” directly confronts the basic law of biogenesis itself. In nature there is no precedent for ‘spontaneous generation’ upwards but rather evidence exists for just the opposite-actually.

 What does exist, rather, is worldwide evidence of a catastrophic flood within the geological record. Fossils of fish being buried so quickly that they have been ‘fossilized’ in the act of eating their last meal, or fish fossilized while giving birth-are actually what scientists find when they search the geological record, worldwide [ ]

Truth is, scientists have no clear data supporting the idea that life supposedly evolved over millions of years.

Has anybody ever shared with you that  while in the western world the idea of creation may be widely ‘ridiculed’, while in the rest of the world (second and third world countries especially) evolution is regarded as pure absurdity?

Puts a different twist on it, doesn’t it?

Did they ever teach you that (while discussing that you came from an ape/ i.e. “teaching evolution “) in fourth grade?

I wonder.

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