Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some of the science behind a Supernova !

According to what astronomers can observe, the event known as a “Supernova” (a very violent explosion of a star) occurs in most galaxies once every 25 years-on average.  When a Supernova occurs the cloud that forms from such an explosion (dust, gas,etc. ) should remain and be easily detected for well over a million years. When it happens it’s a BIG explosion !

Time for some calculations .  The amount of all the Supernova material that can be discovered, detected or seen in our Galaxy, can only account for approximately 200 such supernova events.

The Bible records the earth is a little over 6,000 years old, going on 7,000 years old, “as we speak”.

The total amount of Supernova materials found in our galaxy accounts for the age of our galaxy to be about 7,000 years old.

Neat, huh?

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