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Practical Tips for Bible Study

Practical Tips For Bible Study

Submitted by: John Parks

Does the thought of consistently studying your Bible overwhelm you? The Bible is considered the top-selling book in the world, yet most people find it hard to understand. Known as the Word of God, the Bible is a book to study and not just read. It is a reference book on life for everyday living.

Different authors in the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic languages originally wrote the Bible at various times in history. English translations of the original text range from strict to somewhat more contemporary. This article focuses on the widespread and popular Protestant Bible, which includes the Old and New Testaments, and is comprised of 66 separate books.

Following are a few tips that may be useful before setting off to explore the intricacies of the Bible:

Choose a Bible

Selecting a particular Bible to study from the market choices available today can be extremely confusing. Although the King James Version is recognized as the closest translation of the original Bible, it can be difficult to decipher and frustrating to tackle. Versions that contain study notes and interpretations next to the text are helpful for those who may be new to Bible study.


Try to set aside a time and place for study that is generally the same each day. Adhering to a routine schedule is important. The more you build your day around your appointment time with the Bible, the easier this habit becomes. Just pick a place to begin and start. Each time you study, you will learn something. If you regularly make the time in your day to study, your life in God will change and grow deeper. Peace, joy, love and understanding can be yours.


To increase your biblical understanding, start with an attitude of prayer. Praying for an appreciation of the Word can bring the Bible to life. The Word of God is alive, and God reveals himself through the Word.


Christians study the Bible to know God and know his ways in order to successfully live a Godly life. There is no right or wrong answer in how to start studying the Bible. Focusing on specific topics or books are common study methods.


Imagine the Bible as a huge gold mine of valuable nuggets. Any section of the mine contains pieces of truth and life lessons. Christian calendars with inspirations verses, or devotional books with specific passages, embody this approach. Study books are available that identify topics of interest such as hope, discouragement, faith and love that provide specific verses according to the topic selected for study.


Selecting a certain book of the Bible to study is another approach. It is easiest to focus first on the New Testament. A good starting point is the Book of John. This book is fairly easy to read and study, and it tells the story of Jesus.

It is important to keep in mind that the Bible is God’s inspired message to us. Study with a positive and humble attitude, and your time with the Bible will open the door to salvation and freedom.

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